When Silver turns to Gold

2. 7. 2024

On the second day of the races, the teams headed to Stříbro, which means “silver” in Czech. For the Czech team, however, the day turned into gold. Michaela Novotná ran a flawless race and won her first Junior World Champion title, ex aequo with Elli Punto from Finland. The bronze was taken by Henriette Radzikowski of Switzerland.

It is the first medal for the home team at the championships and the expectations are high before tomorrow’s long distance. Details to follow.

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How does today’s winner Michaela Novotna feel after her home victory in the sprint?

Immediately after the race, the junior world champion Michaela Novotna answered a few questions for our web: 

Michaela told us that this is literally the best day of her life. She described the important moment as the part when she was deciding on the correct route into the finish arena. The terrain in Stříbro suited Micheala well; the irregular alleys, running through the park, and the final long choice into the arena ensured her victory.