Embargoed areas

According to the IOF Competition rules (§ 26.5), embargoed areas are forbidden for all potential JWOC 2024 athletes, team officials and other persons, who, through knowledge of the terrain, may influence the results of the competitions. All embargoed areas are ´strict embargo´. More information and maps are available on https://eventor.orienteering.org/Events/Show/7239.


1. PLZEŇ (Sprint Relay)
2. STŘÍBRO (Sprint)
3. ROKYCANY (Reserved area). You are allowed to drive on Road No. 605 Plzeňská-Jiráskova – Pražská street or take a train through the embargoed area.


4. DOBŘÍV – STRAŠICE (Long). You are allowed to drive on Road No. 117 Dobřív-Strašice
5. DOBŘÍČ – OBORA (Middle + Relay)

Previous orienteering maps

Link to a folder with the most recent version of any previous orienteering maps of the embargoed areas.