Norway takes the sprint relay

2. 7. 2024

The obvious question of today’s race was – will the course run through the ZOO which is right next to the Lochotín Amphitheatre. Surely many teams spent considerable time preparing for that possibility only to find out that the ZOO area was indeed left out completely.

In the end, the race was run in a combination of a residential area with complex school grounds, and a city park with a more open space. The steep staircases of the arena itself provided a considerable climb over each of the legs. The amphitheatre was a stunning backdrop to the whole event.

It was the Norwegians who got into the lead on the second leg and then controlled the race throughout. The Swiss were second for most of the case and grabbed silver medals with the Swedish team taking bronze after some serious push in the final leg run by Alma Svennerud.

The French were unable to hold onto the promising position they were occupying in the middle of the race and lost a couple of places in the last leg.

The home team ended up fifth, repeating last year’s position, with the B and C teams taking solid 9th and 13th place.

Off to individual sprint in Stříbro tomorrow.


  1. Norway (Ingeborg Roll Mosland, Philip Lehmann Romoren, Alfred Bjoerneroed, Mathea Gloeersen)
  2. Switzerland (Rachel Marxer, Elia Gartmann, Loic Berger, Seline Sannwald)
  3. Sweden (Klara Borg, Linus Wernstrom, Ludwig Rosen, Alma Svennerud)